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Store Directory for Port Royal Plaza Shopping Center

Store directory for Port Royal Plaza Shopping Center on Hilton Head Island includes a variety of merchants! Home of 21 impressive businesses that provide many shopping experiences, services and some of the Island’s best restaurants. Contact The Bradshaw Group for those interested in renting a profitable commercial space. Only a few spaces are available.

Our shopping center offers the Island’s affordable yet enjoyable experience for everyone. Because we are conveniently located near Port Royal Plantation located in the center of Hilton Head Island. It has been said that we are the go-to place for shopping and dining among locals and tourists alike. Early or late dining with authentic Asian, Mexican, Italian and American restaurants, desserts or main course are all located at 95 Mathews Drive, Hilton Head Island. Also, find businesses that offer wines and spirits, awards, trophies, clothing, dry cleaner services, travel packages and physical therapy. In a addition, come for financial planning, mobile upgrade, see local artwork or play bridge. Most importantly, our shopping center has it all. Shop where the locals go!